Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Deposit & booking confirmation

These terms and conditions apply to all bookings at Vélo Le Closier and or arranged by Vélo Le Closier at any third party lodgings.

All bookings will be confirmed via email either following email correspondence during the negotiation of your booking or via the automated booking system linked to our website.

All bookings must be confirmed by the payment of a 10% deposit (unless otherwise agreed via email).

Once a date is booked, subject to availability we may be able to change the date of your stay. Similarly, subject to availability we may be able to increase your group size after the initial booking.

If at the time of your original booking there are no other bookings for the dates you require and your group size is 8 or more, we guarantee that you will have exclusive use of the house. If however, after the initial booking, the group size diminishes to fewer than 8 we reserve the right to take bookings for any complete rooms released as a consequence of the smaller group size.

Group bookings

For reasons of efficacy we would appreciate the group organiser to be the nominated contact for group bookings. We would thereafter correspond through the nominated contact. Vélo Le Closier can automate the payment requests for deposits to each member of the group if required. In order to do this each group member must provide, via the nominated contact, an email address and agree to receive and pay an electronic payment request from Vélo Le Closier. Each group member is liable for their individual contribution to the total of the group booking. To clarify the group leader is NOT personally liable for the cost of the group booking. We would however appreciate the help of the group leader to ensure payment from the individuals.

Payment of balance

Payments can be made by credit card upon arrival at Vélo Le Closier at the beginning of the stay.

Cancellation, alter or change your booking by you or a member of your group.

If you or a member of your group wishes to cancel, alter or change a booking with Vélo Le Closier we require written notification via an email.

We will consider any alteration or change request. We will endeavour to agree to any alterations and or changes as long as they are able to be done without any real or potential cost penalty to Vélo Le Closier. If there is a cost penalty be either real or potential relating to an alteration or change in the booking we will discuss this with you and come to some arrangement.

Any change or alteration could therefore potentially incur a cost but will be discussed with you in an open and fair manner.

Any deposit is non-refundable. If a person(s) within a group cancels we would ask the nominated contact to make best endeavours to try and fill the place. If the place is able to be filled in this way the new group member will only be require to pay Vélo Le Closier the balance % (unless the deposit requirement has been waived).

If the place cannot be filled and or the booking is cancelled, subject to when the booking is cancelled the following % cancellation terms apply less the deposit (if any) already paid:

More than 8 weeks before the date of the booking. 30% of the booking total.

More than 5 weeks but less than 8 weeks. 60% of the booking total.

Start of the booking date and 5 weeks. 100% of the booking total.

Cancellation by Vélo Le Closier

Every effort will be made to honour all bookings as agreed between the parties but we reserve the right in extreme circumstances to modify, change or cancel any booking. In the case of any material modification or change we will offer alternative arrangements. If the alternative arrangements offered are not acceptable and or Vélo Le Closier have to cancel your booking the maximum compensation for your booking will be the full refund of all monies paid to Vélo Le Closier and or any third party lodgings at the time of cancelation. No other compensation will be paid.

Booking price and surcharges

All prices are quoted in Euros €. If your national currency is not the Euro € it will be subject to exchange rate fluctuations. Vélo Le Closier has no control of exchange rate fluctuations. Payments by credit/debit card will be charged in Euros €.

Travel/Medical Insurance

It is a condition of this booking that you and or all of your party have suitable travel insurance which must include the costs of medical treatment and repatriation in the event of a serious accident and or illness. Vélo Le Closier accepts no liability for any loss or injury that may occur during your trip.


Should you have a complaint no matter how small while staying at Vélo Le Closier please notify us immediately to enable us to deal with and rectify it to your satisfaction.

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