No you’re not going crazy, there are easier rides here in the Pyrénées too! As an alternative to the Col’s, we have endless options for flatter rides to let the legs recover.

Head out through Escala and Cantaous, and enjoy the long straight section of road until you reach Saint-Plancard. Bear right and test the legs a little on the climb up to Loudet. From there, there’s some gentle up and down riding with nothing too serious, and then you will arrive in Montrèjeau. Ride up the high street to find a coffee shop to make the recovery ride official, then follow the route back through some of the local villages until reaching Velo Le Closier.

Key Information

  • Distance – 54km (34 miles)
  • Total Ascent – 576m (1,893ft)


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54km (34 miles)


576m (1,893ft)